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Over the past 20 years we have focused on using modern technology including 5g to provide businesses with all the modern day communications system for 80% cheaper cost

We’ve reached milestones to deliver highly better solutions

10x Cheaper + 100x More Features

The worlds largest selling telephone e system is the Avaya IPOffice500 System.

These systems can deliver the same type of services our systems can but each IP phone on an Avaya requires a license to make it work (eg ip phone £155.00 license £65.00 = total £220.00)

Where as our systems are license-free and an equivalent 9608 IP phone is about £75.00.

British Telecom:
They sell through franchises called BT local business who only sell a limited range of products –
We supply all solutions and can supply the same solutions BT Local Business do with the same engineers maintaining them (BT engineering is white labelled on many products and we use the same resource), for less. Uhoo also have more service providers to deliver the best and most economical data connectivity if required
Much More flexible
We are half the price of their top plan
Virgin Media:
Old Legacy type solutions as well as cloud-based solutions based on a license model that are expensive and over complicated to deploy.
We deliver modern “smart” technology that’s simple and fast to deploy and is License free. Uhoo also have more service providers to deliver the best and most economical data connectivity if required
Avaya and Mitel:
Older License based legacy model with features delivered by additional licenses
we deliver license free solutions which do more, are simpler in operations and more economical
Ring central:
We deliver all of their services of the ULTIMATE plan and a lot more for over 50% less, ½ the cost
8×8 :
Much More flexible:
We offer more flexible, economic and agile solutions along with up to date hardware offerings (updated 10-06-2020)
Connecting brands and ideas

Microsoft Office365 and Teams

We can integrate at the back end to provide Teams with a low-cost full facility iPBX integration. Use teams fully, for less cost

35 Immediate advantages with any plan

1.     Safe and Agile Working from your Mobile Phone as the office extension

2.     Safe and Agile Working from your iPad as the office extension

3.     Safe and Agile Working from your Laptop/MacBook as the office extension

4.     Safe and Agile Working from your Desk Phone – from anywhere

5.     Empower your Desk Phone – CTI

6.     WebMeetings Work from Anywhere

7.     Do More – Cost Less – Save up to 80% Short term Covid Contracts

8.     Business continuity – stay working and from anywhere

9.     Maintenance – Better for less – Legacy system maintenance – we can maintain in the UK anywhere – same BT engineer for less

10.  Choice and style is important – Huge range of IP Phones – Massive choice

11.  All of your staff and offices linked together talk free everywhere

12.  Size isn’t important – No system size limitations – connect everyone

13.  See, Hear and Read your Voicemails

14.  Click2Meet Have your own personal WebMeeting Link

15.  Click2Call Have your Own personal Caller link

Free Web Meetingn
16.  Win more business – Let your customers call you FREE from your Website, emails, social Media and free to you

17.  CRM Integration – massively improve productivity

18.  Stay ahead of your competitors – Let customers contact you directly on Video to discuss requirements from your Websites

19.  Provide a Human Hub people deal with people, Operator Switchboards/s anywhere

20.  Automated Attendant/Digital Receptionist – quickly provide access to the services your customers need

21.  Deliver callers to the right department – IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

22.  Make a song and dance about your business – Music/On Hold messages

23.  Manage your callers with Call Queues

24.  Call back customers in busy times they’ll love you for it!

25.  Spread the workload fairly – Group Hunting/Ringing

26.  Send callers to the best person to help – Skill Based routing

27.  Incentivise your staff – Agent/Customer Services Wallboards/ Real Time Call reporting

28.  Time Based Scheduling/Office hours

29.  Link your communication/messaging to your diary Calendar mining

30.  Measure so you can Manage – Call reporting

31.  Reports and Analytics: Monitor Activity and Optimise Your Call Centre

32.  Need to record your calls for quality of service – Call recording

33.  Design a solution to suit year specifics and customer requirements – Call flow designer

34.  Why have customers waiting – Call them back automatically?

35.  Outbound call centre – more calls – more success – Predictive Dialler up to 300% improvements in call times over manual dialling

Uhoo solutions think about you. Cost less – do more reducing costs up to 80% immediately.

Here Is Our Full Range Of Benefits That Will Help Your Business Communicate With Staff And Customers With Freedom


Work from Anywhere but be in the Office

Our solutions enable you to work from anywhere on any device and still be in the office!

We can deploy an entire new system for you within 24 hours

Enable staff to work in the office and at home quickly and efficiently

Global reach

We can install anywhere in the world (remotely) connecting all of your office together as one overall solution but with local presence and numbers

We’ve supplied VoIP for over 20 years

Unparalleled knowledge of the marketplace

We supply the most advanced cost competitive solutions currently available

Cost less - do more reducing costs up to 80% immediately

Cost reductions

95% of our customers immediately reduce costs (immediately)

Free call for your customers

Provide customers with a link to call you free of charge at no cost to you or them

Videoconference (free)

All our solutions have Videoconferencing built-in free of charge

System installation

We can install any size of system from 2 to 100,000 users without ever attending site

WebMeeting (free)

All our solutions Schedule Web Meetings Face2Face in seconds free of charge

SoftPhones (free)

Work from your PC, MacBook, iMac, Laptop, Tablet from Home, Office free of charge

Call Costs (free)

Make calls free of charge to landlines and mobiles


Save time dialing from Web Pages, CRM’s, Excel, Sage, Accounts packages etc.


Have your own link to enable customers and callers to click a link to meet with you

Live Chat & Talk - Website integration - WordPress Integration

Empower your website so customers can Chat, speak and video call directly to you, helping win more business

Microsoft Office365 and Teams

We can integrate at the back end to provide Teams with a low-cost full facility iPBX integration. Use teams fully, for less cost

Legacy Telephone Line replacement (ISDN, Analogue)

Legacy lines will be ceased in a few years so change to SIP now and massively reduce costs

Mobile Client (free)

Take your office phone anywhere with your mobile client

SIP Trunks, Numbers and Services

Experts in SIP, we provide SIP on a global scale with number portability and International presence and visibility.

Global Numbers

Display a local area number to customers wherever you are based

Support and Maintenance

We fully support our new installations which do not need site attendance which is vital due to Covid-19

Legacy/Older system support

We fully support older legacy solutions and it may surprise you to know that the engineer that attends site from major companies like BT to maintain your Avaya, Mitel, NEC system etc, is probably the same engineer that turns up from us. The difference is, it costs a lot less with us and it give us a national legacy system resource of over 300 engineering staff covering all of the UK.

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