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Video-conferencing “made easy”

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We have been using Video Conferencing with WebRTC since 2015 which is now an ESSENTIAL part of our daily communication needs. Talk to us about Video (0161 880 0150) We deliver Video conferencing “out of the box”and its cross platform to so as long as you have a PC, mac, Tablet, Android, iOS or Windows device and one of our solutions, you can conference free! With the current coronavirus situation at the moment, it is proving to be an essential communications tool. Audio, Video, Conferencing, full iPBX functionality with remote home working. We can help!

Testing, texting 123, testing!

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Testing, testing, 123, testing! We’ve just been testing our new Video Conferencing system for the Boardroom and not only is it as “cheap as chips” (old Manchester expression)  when compared with other solutions. It’s absolutely “brilliant”, totally cross platform and works and performs simply and effortlessly with all our devices and systems so…… all good! Talk to us about Video. 0161-880-0150

CRM Integration

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CRM Integration Made Easy – Launch calls straight from the CRM application – The customer record is brought up automatically –  uhoo… Give us a call If we don’t have a solution, probably no one has! 0161 880 0150

Do you need to record calls?

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We have solutions that “INCLUDE” full call recording over all lines and extensions
with Historic and Real Time reporting to enable vital information to be on hand to
provide the necessary management tools to manage your business productivity
and ensure your SLA’s are managed and maintained.
Need to manage and maintain standards?
Call us on 0161 880 0150

SIP technologies-solutions-phones-lines-cost savings

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uhoo – delivers the most competitive solutions in the market place. We have used and provided SIP technologies for over 12 years now. What appears to be an emerging technology to most, has been common place to us for some time! Want SIP – uhoo…  Give us a call on 0161 880 0150

Energy (something we have lots of!)

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Simple savings we can keep on top of for our customers!
We have just partnered with one of of the main Energy cost reduction providers who have an amazingly simple path to market. We have looked at billing from existing customers and run it through their portal and each time, there are savings to be achieved, even when the customer is dealing direct with Brokers. All we need are the recent bills, we compare and let you have the details of the savings. Contracts are usually 12 months and then we reassess. Saves you the time going to market. Gives you the best deal at the time with a short term commitment to SAVE! All Good! uhoo… give us a call or email us your bills and we’ll “run you through” the system. 0161 880 0150 

We love the new V16 3CX solution with wordpress WEBRTC plugins

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We love the new V16 3CX solution delivering WordPress WebRTC Plugins, VideoConferencing, IM, WebRTC, Voicemail to Text. Amazing! The new Browser based client make communications simple, centric and effective. No downloads – work from anywhere and with QR provisioning you’re operational in the “scan of a link!”  No programming – Simple. It’s also license free, unlike the vast majority of legacy products that still have heavy financial penalties when business wishes to improve and embrace advanced communications. not with 3CX. We like it lot’s!!! In fact we like it so much, we use it and…. we are spoilt for choice, so it must be good!

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